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UC Davis students Student AggieCard

AggieCard Information

UC Davis Aggie Card

Your Student AggieCard is your official UC Davis identification; giving you access to the many available products, services, resources, and benefits available to you as a UC Davis student.

Office Location & Hours

  • We are located at the Main Campus Store (adjacent to the Memorial Union) at the Guest Services Desk.
  • We are open during regular Campus Store hours.
I lost my AggieCard. What should I do?

To receive a new card, you will need to pay $15. If you would like to replace your original photo you may upload a new photo to the AggiePhoto Upload Tool.




Request an AggieCard

New Students Admitted for Fall

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AggieCard mail processing for newly admitted students is complete. If you have not submitted an approvable photo, you must do so before visiting the AggieCard Office to have your card printed. If you have submitted an approvable photo but have not received your card, you must pick up your AggieCard at the AggieCard Office in September; instructions on how to request your AggieCard are sent to your UC Davis email account.

Current Students

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In Person. We are located at the Main Campus Store (adjacent to the Memorial Union) Guest Services Desk. You may come in person to request and receive your AggieCard on the same day. You will need to bring a government-issued ID with you.

Online. Complete the AggieCard Request form and send it to [email protected]; use AggieCard Request as the subject line. If you do not have a photo on file or if you would like to update your photo, you can upload your photo through the AggieCard Photo Upload Tool or include a photo as an attachment to your email request. We will email your ucdavis email address from [email protected] to let you know when your card is ready for pickup at the AggieCard Desk in the main campus bookstore. By submitting the form via email to us, you agree to the $15 replacement fee that will be billed to your student account.

Law students

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To obtain your AggieCard, contact the Law School.

Privileges, Services & Discounts

  • UC Davis Libraries. Your AggieCard is also your library card. Use your AggieCard at any one of the UC Davis libraries to check out books and materials. New students with their first undergraduate or graduate AggieCard can activate their card for library privileges online. If you have gotten a replacement AggieCard, you can only use the library circulation desk to activate the card.
  • Student Health & Counseling Services. Charges for your visits, prescriptions, and over-the-counter products are billed directly to your student account using your AggieCard.
  • UC Davis Bookstores. Use your AggieCard to buy books, computers, and accessories, UC Davis clothing and gifts, Clinique products, electronics and more. Bookstore charges are billed directly to your student account using your AggieCard.
  • Access to Intercollegiate Athletic Events. Students get free admission to all Intercollegiate Athletic Events. For football, men's & women's basketball, students need to register for a ticket online. All other varsity sporting events grant access by showing their AggieCard.
  • University Dining Services. Your AggieCard can be used for the campus meal plan available to both on- and off-campus residents. Go to the Segundo Dining Commons Office to activate your meal plan on your new AggieCard and use it at Segundo, Tercero, or Cuarto Dining Commons.
  • Activities & Recreation Center (ARC). Use your AggieCard for free access to the ARC and easy check-in to affordable group exercise classes.
  • Student Housing. Use your AggieCard to access your room and residence hall. See the area service to activate dormitory access on your new or replaced Aggie Card.
  • Unitrans Bus Fares. Undergraduate students get free bus rides on all Unitrans buses by showing their AggieCard; see the Unitrans website for schedules and routes.
  • Aggie Cash. Your AggieCard can be loaded with money and used to buy food at your favorite on- and off-campus restaurants. When used on-campus, you automatically save 10%. Learn more at the Aggie Cash page, and even without Aggie Cash, show your AggieCard and ask if they give a student discount.
  • Safe Rides Security Service. Provided by the Aggie Host Security Division of the UC Davis Police Department; this service is available to any student, faculty, or staff who prefers an alternative to walking alone or in a small group at night, 5:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. (PT), seven days a week. Those using the service are given a ride from anywhere on campus, anywhere else on campus or in the city of Davis. Rides to off-campus locations are only available after 10:00 p.m. For a Safe Ride, call 530-754-COPS (2677) or download the TapRide app.
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