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UC Davis student employee at store counter

Student Employment

Join the UC Davis Stores Team!

Student Manager: Our student managers work with the assistant director of the Campus Store and web operations to manage critical store operations. Responsibilities may include opening and closing, managing cash, daily reconciliation and deposits, staff scheduling, and peer management. Student managers are responsible for supervision of the store and personnel when career staff are not present, and also serve as liaisons between students and career staff.

Guest Services Associate: Guest services associates serve as the main point of contact for all customer service inquiries at the Campus Store. In addition to processing transactions and running a register, students in this position are responsible for providing exceptional customer service in-person, online and over the phone to a diverse group of customers including students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors.

Cashier: At the beginning of each quarter during rush, our cashiers are responsible for processing transactions and running registers, maintaining a high level of customer service, welcoming customers to the store and monitoring doors, and assisting with sales floor operations and services.

Web Sales Lead: Web sales leads are responsible for the day-to-day sales operations of e-commerce sales. Responsibilities include customer service, scheduling, training new hires, data entry, sales promotion and support, and scheduling daily cash runs and deliveries with student staff. The web sales lead acts as the supervisor when career staff is not present, and also serves as a liaison between students and career staff.

Web Sales Associate: Web sales associates assist with day-to-day e-commerce sales operations of the store. Responsibilities include fulfilling daily web orders, providing customer service through email and phone, and facilitating store-to-store product transfers.

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